Final Fantasy 16: Best Garuda Eikonic Abilities

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Final Fantasy 16: Best Garuda Eikonic Abilities

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At the start of Final Fantasy 16, Clive can only draw power from the Phoenix Eikon, but that all changes as the story progresses. Eventually, Clive gains the power of multiple icons, including Garuda, the Icon of the Winds.Garuda's Eikonic abilities are markedly different from Phoenix's, in that neither of them focuses much on inflicting serious damage. Instead, each of Garuda's Eikonic abilities helps Clive in certain situations, often leading to combos that would otherwise be impossible or difficult to execute. Each player can decide which of Garuda's abilities is best, but this overview should give Final Fantasy 16 players a general idea of which abilities are worth using. Players can prepare enough Final Fantasy XVI Gil for the game.

In addition to Garuda's Eikonic specialty, Deadly Embrace, Eikon gives players four different Eikonic abilities. Unfortunately, only two of them can be equipped at any given time, which means players must choose their favorite. They all have their pros and cons, so it's important to understand each one.

Wheel of Evil - Garuda Eikonic Abilities
None of Garuda's Eikonic abilities are particularly bad, but the Wheel of Evil is probably the best of the four. This move allows Clive to use the Icon's claws to spin enemies and drag them into the air, performing aerial combos for them. Players who know how to put together a powerful aerial combo can take full advantage of this attack, but it isn't as effective against heavy enemies or bosses that can't rise from the ground. Sometimes this move will even take Clive completely off-target.

Rook's Gambit - Garuda Eikonic Ability
Rook's Gambit is unique in that it gives players new defense options. Dodging in Final Fantasy 16 is already powerful, but this move takes it to the next level. Upon activating the technique, Clive will jump back to avoid any attacks that may strike him. If this move avoids an attack, Clive will counter with two combos (or a deadly spinning attack if upgraded). Even if no attacks are avoided, Clive will still jump forward in one attack (or two if upgraded). In the hands of a skilled player, this may be Garuda's best Eikonic ability, but it can also be difficult to use.

Chisel Strike - Garuda's Eikonic Ability
Chisel Strike allows Clive to make a series of consecutive attacks with Garuda's claws. While each attack is weak, they are dazzlingly fast, especially when upgraded. Players can continue to press the attack button for longer combos. This is incredible against Final Fantasy 16's broken-willed enemies, as each attack steadily increases the damage multiplier against staggered enemies. A good strategy is to start an attack as soon as an enemy is staggered, then switch to a heavy damage option like Phoenix or Titan for a follow-up attack.

Aerial Explosion - Garuda's Eikonic Ability
Garuda's ultimate Eikonic ability is very powerful, but to make up for it, it costs a whopping 1,540 AP. upgrading it requires more dedication, and the player is short 2,005 additional AP points. this move allows Clive to spin around with Garuda's claws and summon a massive tornado. This whirlwind catches any enemies in its path and spins them around, dealing moderate damage over time and dealing serious damage to the opponent's Willpower. Upgrading the ability increases the duration of the tornado, making it even more deadly. While the tornado damages the target, Clive is free to attack other enemies and can even use Phoenix Shift to jump in and add to the chaos. Players should be forewarned that this move has a cooldown of up to 110 seconds, see for more gameplay guidelines.
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