Why The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's Shield Surf

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Why The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's Shield Surf

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a game that offers players seemingly limitless ways to navigate its world. From the hot air balloons in Tears of the Kingdom to the unicycle, if there's one thing the game doesn't lack, it's the way Link is able to see all that Hyrule has to offer. Most of the contraptions players come up with are impractical for various reasons, whether it's due to Zonite's high rebuild cost or simply being unusable, but much of the fun of the game does come from creating Something for a nice bonus. Players can prepare enough The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Power Leveling in the game.

One of the most fun and versatile ways to actually navigate is also the easiest, since the concept only involves Link and his shield. Shield surfing, an aptly named method of traversal introduced in Breath of the Wild, was not only reintroduced in Tears of the Kingdom, but refined to become one of the game's best features.

Kingdom Tears makes tearing apart Hyrule so much fun
The skateboard wasn't a feature advertised in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, nor technically present in the game, but the Fuse mechanic did create instances where it felt like a part of it. This is partly because the shield and cart can be fused together to create a makeshift skateboard that greatly increases the distance players can ride. That alone would make shield surfing a lot more viable than it was in Breath of the Wild, but the idea goes a step further and makes Link feel like a pro skater.

Grinding is a staple of skateboarding both in real life and in skate games, and Link is a master at it. In addition to creating viable skateboards, most of the tracks scattered throughout Hyrule can be polished, adding a new skater vibe to Shield Surf. In Kingdom Tears, players were able to grind to victory to defeat temples, as Link was gifted with the ability to complete multiple temples in a more aggressive fashion.

Aside from the fact that Hyrule can serve as a giant skate park, with the right mindset, Shield Surfing is a blast even without this standout element. One of the best glitches players have found in Tears of the Kingdom is that if Link is equipped with a weapon fused with a rocket, players can engage and cancel shield surfing to make Link fly. While this isn't an intentional quirk by any means, it's still a fun way to gain altitude quickly without building an entirely new vehicle.

Another situation where Shield Surfing is surprisingly effective in combat is that, like almost everything else in the game, explosives (such as the very useful Bomb Flower) can be attached to the shield and kill Link when he tries to Explodes under its feet, thus acting as an AOE attack to block the surf. One benefit of this tactic is that he'll be launched into the air, where he can do more damage by aiming his bow in the air, slowing down time.

Shield surfing in Breath of the Wild is a fun way to slide down slopes and hills faster than walking, but its use in Kingdom Tears takes it to another level. It's a weird experience seeing Link unleash his inner skateboarding talent whenever he's near any rail, but once that dissipates, it becomes another layer to explore with different combinations , try and create the best skateboard in the land. Beyond that, there are a lot of new ways shield surfing has become a cool technology with multiple practical applications if players are willing to experiment with the game system. For more game guides, please visit https://www.oggah.com/.
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