Taiwan's government has opened a probe into TikTok

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Taiwan's government has opened a probe into TikTok

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Taiwan’s government has opened a probe into Chinese-owned social media platform TikTok on suspicion of illegally operating a subsidiary on the island, though the company’s owner denied the accusation.

The short video platform owned by China-based ByteDance Co (字節跳動) has sparked national security fears in many countries.

FBI Director Christopher Wray last month said that the app is a threat to US security.

Officials are studying the legal ramifications of a ban, and whether measures adopted by other countries have been successful, Lo said.

TikTok denies being a security risk or that it is beholden to Chinese authorities. 

However, the company has come under increasing pressure and scrutiny within Western nations, especially in the United States, over its Chinese ownership.

Facebook and Instagram, both owned by Meta Platforms, are the most widely used social media platforms in Taiwan. TikTok trailed its peers in Taiwan but is becoming increasingly popular among the youth, according to market research companies.

In 2019, Taiwan passed an anti-infiltration law, part of a years-long effort to combat what many in Taiwan see as Chinese efforts to influence politics and the democratic process, through illicit funding of politicians and the media and other methods.

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