The Sims 4 baby bathroom went terribly wrong

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The Sims 4 baby bathroom went terribly wrong

Сообщение JaredNelson » Чт мар 16, 2023 8:43 am

The Sims 4 recently released the "Baby Update," and some players who just wanted to bathe their babies were forced to watch a bathing animation turn their babies into glitchy monsters. It's a wild sight, especially in a game like The Sims 4, which in many ways is about harsh family life. It's just another example of how sometimes a game's bugs can lead to hilariously horrific scenes. Players can prepare enough of The Sims 4 Standard Edition in the game.

The Sims 4's most recent March 14 update, which is free to anyone who owns the base game, is considered a precursor to the upcoming The Sims 4: Grow Together expansion pack. One of its new features includes baby life stages for babies, which is just after newborn and before toddler. With the baby stage comes a whole new set of interactions, such as teaching babies to crawl, burping babies, and encouraging them to move from mush to solids. Babies are a nuisance, so of course they need a bath every once in a while—apparently the baby hates baths so much that it turns into an abstract mass of flesh in protest.

Some Sims 4 players on The Sims subreddit have been sharing images of their precious babies exploding into shapes that babies don't normally appear in. It's all because parents dare to clean their children. Reddit user MadPoopa just wanted to put their baby in a luxurious bathtub, but got stuck in a baby skin prison.

User livin_gray found himself in a similar situation. After putting their baby Sim in the gorgeous log tub, a glitch caused their baby to explode. The baby developed a large, bat-like wing that wrapped itself around its mother, perhaps to hug her in gratitude or, more likely, to eat her. As can be seen from living_gray's disturbing pictures of the glitch taken from different angles on Reddit, the glitch isn't necessarily the baby itself, as its character model is still intact. The glitch seems to start with a fleshy stalk protruding from the baby's head, which then tries to form a crude human simulant, but that simulant is stretched in a taffy-pulling machine.

The Sims 4 Baby Update Glitch Reddit
This is a common problem. No game is immune. Characters are made up of thousands of data points. If their various parameters go out of order for any reason (whether it's human error or a software glitch), any number of people can suddenly go berserk when they interact with another object or character. Programmers, like EA's Sims 4 developers, have to dig into the code to figure out what causes character models to turn into living hyper-realistic sculptures when they perform certain interactions. It's an annoying bug that game developers hope to catch before the game is released. But if they don't, it could end up being one of the more interesting yet disturbing glitches a player can encounter. For more game guides, please visit
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