Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Iron Ore

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Iron Ore

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a fun life-simulation video game from Gameloft that takes players into a fascinating world inhabited by many lovable Disney characters. As the game progresses, the player needs many resources to complete different tasks and craft recipes. One such material is iron ore. Players can prepare enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts in the game.

Iron Ore is a versatile material in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which can be obtained through mining. It is primarily used for crafting Iron Ingots, although the player will need it for some quests. However, it can be somewhat difficult to obtain, especially for beginners. Read on to learn how to get and use iron ore in Disney's Optics Valley.

How to Get Iron Ore in the Disney Dreamlight Valley
Of all the biomes in Disney's Valley of Dreams, only the Square and the Peaceful Meadow are unlocked at the start of the game. Unfortunately, iron ore cannot be found in these unlocked biomes. Instead, it is available in the following biomes:

sunshine plateau
Forest of Courage
trust woodland
frost heights
forgotten land

Iron ore is located on the edge of the rocky point in the aforementioned biome. To mine it, players need a pickaxe, a royal tool that can be found near the well in the square. With the royal tools in hand, head to the rocky spot in the aforementioned biome and start smashing rocks. These rocks also contain a variety of other minerals, such as gemstones, stones, and coal, which are also useful.

Of course, players won't get iron ore with every hit, so they should be patient and keep swinging until it drops. It's a good idea to bring along a companion with a mining character, as they can help the player get extra iron ore with each successful attack. It should be noted that Iron Ore can also be found on the ground, but unlike most materials in Disney Dreaming Valley, it will not respawn after being collected.

How to Use Iron Ore in the Disney Dreamlight Valley
After obtaining iron ore, players can use it in different ways. First, it can be gifted to villagers to increase friendship level with them. It can also be sold at the Gao Fei booth, but the price is relatively low, only 10 star coins. In addition, iron ore is an important material component in some crafting recipes, including iron ingots. More game guides can be found at https://www.rvgm.ru/.
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